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marisol ferreira diaz

:Maria Soledad Ferreira Diaz Romero

Year 1968/72 Paraguayan Studies and Latin American folk dance, with Prof.Lilu Torres
Year 1974/76 Studies vocalization and singing with Prof.Virginia Stariska
Year 1977/85 vocalization and singing studies with Prof. Ranulfo "Yoyito" Flecha

Work Experience
1972 Debut as infaltil actress at the Teatro Municipal, with the Paraguayan musical "Anne of Jesus," written by Gloria and Master Florentin Gimenez Gimenez, under the artistic direction of actor and theater director, Diaz and Matias Ferreira the musical direction of Maestro Florentino Jimenez.
Year 1976 Member of the Brazilian music group "Trio Bimbo"
Year 1977 Member of the vocal group "Agua Viva"
Year 1978/79 Founder and Member of the vocal group "Images"
From 1980 to date Paraguayan music solo singer, international and melodica in first class restaurants: Iguaçu, Hermitage, The Beer Garden,
El Bosque, La Carreta, The Toke and hotels, Armel, Ita Enramada, Excelsior, Las Margaritas and Yacht and Golf Club Paraguay.
-Member of the show "One night in Asuncion" touring Brazilian cities.
-Singer guest of festivals: Lake Ypacarai (Ypacaray) and the festival of Yerba Mate (Pedro Juan Caballero)
-Anchor for 3 years, the entertainment television program "Happy Sunday" broadcast on Channel 9 (Paraguay)
-Jury member for 3 cycles, Del1 TV show talent search "Road to Success" produced by Channel 13 (Paraguay)
"integral" Asuncion Vocal manifolded 'cast of soloists who, accompanied by chamber orchestra, are creators and edited the "Gala concert of the Musica Paraguaya" years 2004/2008.


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Nelson González

Nelson was born in Asuncion Paraguay, studied classic guitar with the well-know Felipe Sosa in his hometown Asuncion, and later o­n he studied music theory and writing with Luis Miranda. After playing in USA, Spain and Japan for a number of years, he toured with the famous group “Los Paraguayos” through all Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, and Denmark.
Became member of the American Federation of Musicians from USA,studied guitar with lou melia in New Jersey(USA)later on he performed at the Spanish Steps at the Caesar Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, as harpist in the 1989-1990.
Luz De Luna “Duo” by Nelson Gonzalez, worked in Turin and Milan in Italy, Paradise hotel - Mauritius (indian ocean), Millenium Airport Hotel - Dubai - U.A.E. Bad Griesbach at the famous Maximilian Hotel Golf in Germany, In Abu Dhabi (capital of the united arabs emirates) at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers, in Norway at Color Line Cruise Ships, at the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul-Korea, at Novotel Al Dana Resort in Manama-Bahrain, Sheraton Doha Qtar, Hilton Ras Al Kaimah, Iberotel Miramar Fujairah.
Paraguayan Harp: According to the Holy Bible, king David used to play the harp. The harp is o­ne of the most antique musical instrument that remember the human history. The harp came to the Rio de la Plata and them to the Guarani territory with the spaniard conquerors. The Paraguayan harp is product of the fusion of two civilizations, Guarani and spanish, the guarani people (Paraguayan), showed high interest in learning to play the instrument. No o­nly that, they build a new type of harp, what today we call the national instrument of Paraguay “ The Paraguayan harp.
Spanish Guitar: The instrument was introduced to the natives american by the spaniard conquerors. Today it is used in most latin american rhythm. Luz de luna duo play JOSE RAMIREZ CAMARA 1st. Class, Madrid-Spain. Produced o­n 1991.
Requinto Guitar: is a small guitar from Mexico, this instrument make the melody line of the songs. Luz de Luna play PEDRO MALDONADO REQUINTO - Malaga-Spain. Produced o­n 1980

Nelson Gonzalez in Las Vegas

Nelson Gonzalez with Los Paraguayos